Chamberlain CG40D Garage Door Opener Review

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Durability and performance is what you get with the Chamberlain CG40D Garage Door Opener. It is the sleekest of all garage door openers and in the shortest time possible you have it installed and running to protect your home from illegal entry in a quiet and efficient way. It has the latest anti-burglary protection which gives you peace of mind and assurance that you have the best product that money can buy for this purpose.

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Chamberlain CG40D Garage Door Opener Features

The first thing you will appreciate with the Chamberlain CG40D door opener is that you install it in a snap, 60 seconds tops, it is up and running. No other device can top that quick installation time. It runs smoothly and steadily and there are hardly any issues of the door sticking because the gear case is enclosed and self lubricates. This gives you an assurance of durability, protection and smooth operation every time.

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The ½ HP motor and chain drive on the Chamberlain CG40D door opener is durable and powerful enough to provide continuous and steady performance. This device adjusts to the prevailing conditions and the auto sensing technology monitors the opening system and adjusts it according to the temperature changes, floor height and the door track movement. Safety sensors are always on hand to prevent accidents. An invisible light beam is projected across the garage door as it closes and if it is interrupted by solid matter, the door not only stops going down but reverses it upwards.

Still on security, it never gets better than a code that is renewed every time you use the one single button remote control. This will prevent unauthorized entry since you cannot master a code. This remote control also has an illuminated door control button for better access. The door lock is a gem and it ensures that the door stays locked once you engage the lock. This is thanks to the PosiLock theft protection.

Chamberlain CG40D Garage Door Opener Review

There are 122 customer reviews for the Chamberlain CG40D Garage Door Opener on These include 72 with 5-star rating and the average rating stands at 4.3-star. Most of the customers are really satisfied with this garage door opener and especially that it is installed hassle-free. It works smoothly and quietly, as one customer put it. A reviewer is so impressed with the security features and is sure that he did not waste his money. The durability of this model is another factor and the parts included are strong and sturdy making it the best garage door opener in the market. Click here to read the rest of the review.

Having said this, it is hard to find any negative issues said about the Chamberlain CG40D. Even the customers who had parts missing, got them replaced without a problem from the customer care.

Good value for money is what you get from the Chamberlain CG40D Garage Door Opener. You can also be assured of durability and unmatched performance from this product. At the end of the day you will have peace of mind knowing that your property is secured and that there are no chances of accidents. It is the best garage door opener that money can buy. Click here to get free shipping for a limited time only!

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