Chamberlain WD962KD Garage Door Opener Review

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The joy of having an automatic garage door opener is so that your going out and your coming into your house is more convenient. This is what the Chamberlain WD962KD Garage Door Opener promises and in a quiet way too. You will notice that it greatly differs with most garage door openers in that it works even when there is no power. These are just some of the most attractive features you get with this amazing product.

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Chamberlain WD962KD Garage Door Opener Features

The whisper-quiet smooth operation of the Chamberlain system is evident in this product. This is due to the reduction of vibration and the enclosed gear case that provides lubrication for the moving parts so they are protected from friction, jarring and grinding when the door is operated. This in turn results in long life for the door opener and all its component parts. The parts are also made of good quality steel that can withstand weather changes and its wear and tear effects.

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The ease of installation for the Chamberlain WD962KD Door Opener is another important feature. You do not have to waste a lot of time trying to figure out what goes where. The system assembles in one long piece which means that you will be done in a very short while. In addition, there are very easy to follow instructions just to make sure that you get it all right.

Security features on the Chamberlain WD962KD are just amazing to say the least. There is an added light that gives 200 watts of illumination that can be times so you only have it on when you really need it. You also do not have to come out of your vehicle all the time to operate the garage door opener. The three-button remote control will give you the added comfort and convenience. At the same time you get a keyless entry pad the when your remote control is not within reach. A light beam across the door prevents accidents from happening when the door closes accidentally. The beam stops the door descending when it is interrupted by a solid object.

Chamberlain WD962KD Garage Door Opener Review

These are just some of the features that have resulted in 378 customer reviews on the Chamberlain WD962KD Garage Door Opener on The 5-star reviews are 273 in total and 4-star are 61, this puts the average rating at 4.2-star. One of the very best features that makes this garage door opener a keeper is the fact that it works quietly even with a powerful motor. This is so unlike other products used for the same purpose. There is also the installation which most of the customers find to be a breeze with the clear instructions and the easy assembly. Click here to read these reviews on Amazon.

Generally, it is important to follow set-up procedures when installing the WD962KD. This will give you peace of mind and a working garage door opener.

When it comes to great value for money, you will agree that the Chamberlain WD962KD Garage Door Opener tops the list. You can start enjoying the convenience of having this device once you place your order. Click here to check it out and save 13% on Amazon with free shipping for limit time only.

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