Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener Review

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Garage door openers do not get better than the Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener. It is the most durable brand in the market offering features that clearly set it apart from the rest. It also retails at a bargain price which means that it is good value for money too. There are no complicated set up procedures and you can get it up and running in the shortest time possible. Click here to buy from Amazon for best price Now!

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Features

As stated earlier, security is the main thing and with the Craftsman Garage Door Opener this is of the highest quality. Every time you use the single button remote control, a new code is set so that unauthorized entry is prevented at all costs. This is one feature that is great for peace of mind. You will not have sleepless nights wondering if your property is secure as long as you have locked your garage door using this revolutionary device.

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Safety is something that the manufacturers of the Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener have not skimped on. The device features an infra red sensor that instantly stops and reverses the door if something gets in the way of the sensor as the door closes. This is an important feature especially if you have children or pets that may be caught up between the door and the floor. In addition to the sensor, there is a light that goes on when this type of obstruction takes place. It definitely adds to the value of this model.

Convenience and versatility are other features that come in very handy when you install a device such as the Craftsman ½ hp. When you lock the door completely it stays locked until you open it. This is thanks to the PosiLock system that ensures the lock is tight. When it comes to convenience, there is a remote control for locking and opening the door. It means then that you can operate the garage door while still in your car and it is not a must for you to get out of the car for you to do this. It is an important factor that increases the user-friendliness of the device. This remote control has a single button that you use to operate the garage door. This remote control is programmed such that you have a new code every time you use it.

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Review

There is one customer review on for this Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener. In one word it says excellent. This is a fitting description that fully exemplifies what this wonderful garage opener is capable of. After the easy and fast installation process, the device works like a charm and you will enjoy using all of its features. Click here to read more reviews.

After such accolades it is impossible to find one negative thing to say about the Craftsman Garage Door Opener. It works as it should and has been known to surpass your expectations.

Great value for money is what you are promised if you order your Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener. With minimal maintenance procedures and easy user-friendly features, it is the best device for the job. Click here to check out the Craftsman Garage Door Opener on Amazon.

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