Genie 1022 ChainLift Garage Door Opener Review

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Security concerns make it necessary to have devices such as the Genie 1022 ChainLift Garage Door Opener. This is a wonderful product that will offer you not only security but makes it convenient for you leave and enter your home. It is easy to install and operate and once it is up and running you need to do very little to keep it going and no lubrication is needed for the entire duration of use. It pretty much runs itself and with proper use can work for a long time without the need for a replacement or repairs.

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Genie 1022 Garage Door Opener Features

Precision is what the Genie garage door opener does. This is facilitated by the heavy duty motor rated at 600 Newton, together with the ½ HP AC Genie ChainLift. The motor is 24 volts and is very quiet which makes it very user friendly. The maximum door weight the mechanism can operate is 350 pounds which is well within the range of most garage doors.

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The Genie ChainLift Garage Door Opener operates smoothly and quietly. One, the motor is quiet and the chain is enclosed in-line for this reason.  Additionally, this garage door opener is very low maintenance and the factory installed chain requires no lubrication for as long as you use it. This user friendly feature is one of the greatest selling points for this machine. It translates to hassle free use which is good value for money. There is less wear and tear on the garage door because of the soft start and stop.

This amazing garage door opener has a one button remote which adds to its user friendly design. It is the most secure product when it comes to garage door openers since it has an Intellicode access security system that works very well in preventing unauthorized entry. The access code is automatically changed every time you use it to facilitate this.

Genie 1022 ChainLift Garage Door Opener Review

The Genie 1022 ChainLift Garage Door Opener is a popular product with 36 customer reviews on 18 are 5-star rating and the average rating is 4.3-star which is quite impressive. One customer is impressed by the quiet motor and the ease of operation. The soft start and stop also receive wonderful reviews from customers. The instructions are easy to follow and they make installation very easy indeed. It is well worth the price it goes for and it actually seems to surpass the expectations of the customers who reviewed it. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

With the right installation and proper care and use, the Genie ChainLift is expected to serve you for a long time. It will only break due to mishandling. The manufacturer has taken time to ensure that even the chain is enclosed so that it is easy to install and the added lubrication makes it easy to use.

Definitely the Genie 1022 ChainLift Garage Door Opener is the best garage door opener in the market. It goes for a giveaway price and it is well worth every cent. Once you take the one hour or so to get it installed, it will always be a joy to come into or leave your home. Click here to check it out and save $57.42 on Amazon for Limit time only.

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