Sommer Direct Drive Garage Door Opener Review

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The Sommer Direct Drive garage door opener is a marvelous and truly revolutionary German-made machine. It comes with a provision of a lifetime guarantee; and has the ease of use that does not require the user to be running around looking for experts to come and make clarifications and recommendations when it is time for work. It has just come at a time when many garages actually need such a service.

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Sommer Direct Drive Garage Opener Features

The Sommer Direct Drive garage opener has the ability to open a 7-8 feet door. Sommer Direct Drive also comes with a rail that allows it to execute this function successfully. In case you are not intending to operate the door from a close range, this opener comes with a very simple remote control. This remote only has two buttons which allow for the ease of use even when in a hurry.

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When put to use, the Sommer garage door opener works quietly. In fact, it has been said to have the ability to work quieter than a belt drive. This means that it is able to work with greater efficiency. It is little wonder that Sommer Direct Drive has been said to have the capability to work as efficiently as a chain drive when its durability is analyzed.

The design of Sommer Direct Drive garage opener has been done in such a way that it comes with a motor directly coupled to the drive. The motor has a capacity of ¾ horse power and is therefore able to handle heavy doors effectively. In any case, when you procure it, you are not going to worry about the maintenance requirements because it does not require maintenance troubles during its operation.

Sommer Garage Door Opener Review

Our research into the Sommer Direct Drive Garage Door Opener turned up a lot of very positive reviews. The coming of Sommer door opener has made the opening of garage doors truly classic. This powerful machine can be used even in different settings without problems. On the other hand, the remote control makes the opening mechanism truly classic. It even allows for reducing on the time taken when opening and closing such doors. Click here to read more reviews.

There could have been several reviews that might have brought up significant concerns. But the only issue that seems to have been raised by many users is that of the door size handled by Sommer Direct Drive garage door opener. Some people have felt that the 7-8 feet should be worked so that other heavier doors can equally be accommodated by this master piece.

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Walter November 5th, 2013 (#)

Instaled the opener with the side mount looks great works awsome!!

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